MAN (my first trip!)

April 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

So I got my first call on Sunday for late night OPR, and accepted it. Luckily I got a facebook message from a random flight attendant asking me to trade my OPR for his MAN trip. Of course I said yes. Duh.

The flight was only 6 hours, and I got a 1.5 hour break where I got to take a nap in the flightdeck bunk! They didn’t have an IRO so nobody was using it. It was actually quite comfortable, and I could actually stretch all the way out, thought it doesn’t appear that way. When we got to MAN, we got to get right off the plane and downstairs into a van that took us right to the airport. No customs, no immigration.

We stayed at a pretty nice hotel close to the city center. After a 5 hour nap, I went to spend the day with Melina and Sam.

We rode on a huge ferris wheel (£7.50 for 3 times around, what a ripoff) that Sam made fun of haha. The guy at the ticket booth asked me what the American Dream was.

Then we went to a pub and I got fish and chips. We took a bus back to their flat, and relaxed there for a while. We ate dinner, watched some British comedy, and drank tea. And we missed the bus back to the center.

In the morning I woke up early to go for a walk. It was rainy and gross but I enjoyed walking in the city. I met up with the crew for breakfast and we left for the airport. I bought some candy before we boarded and some of the flight attendants bought me a keychain for my first trip. They were so sweet.

When we finally got to PHL, I was at recheck talking to one of the girls and I realized that one of the passengers on my flight was Michael Card. And it’s funny because I knew it, when I was serving drinks and I heard him talk I thought “His voice sounds like Michael Card.” Really. I swear. So when I saw him walking with a banjo that confirmed it. Anyway, I just told him I listened to his music and he said I did a great job on my second flight as a stewardess (he used that word not me haha). I thought that was pretty cool to meet him.

All in all it was a pretty awesome first trip :)


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